Defining Moments

When I first started this business and become an entrepreneur 5 years ago, I could not even have imagined what kind of journey I was embarking on.  I saw an opportunity that would potentially allow me the freedom to build a business while raising my family.  I saw an opportunity to design my life on my own terms.  I was really really excited and to be honest, I was terrified at the same time.  I had never run a business before, I didn’t really have a huge network and I had everyone telling me not to do it – that I would never make any money at this “thing”

Well, 5 years later I have reached the 2nd highest rank in my company, earned multiple awards including the 2016 distributor of the year, have been featured in networking times magazine and can confidently say that I have surpassed my corporate income. 

Was it easy? No.  Were there times I felt like quitting. Yes.  I feel like this is true for all businesses , jobs or professions.  Do doctors or lawyers have days where they feel like quitting? Do realtors, mortgage brokers, financial advisors, chiropractors, dentists, veterinarians or any other profession have days where they feel like quitting? Absolutely.   

The truth is, if we all just put the same amount of effort and belief into our networking marketing businesses as we do our Jobs, there would be a lot more people having a lot more success.  

In our traditional jobs or professions we do the daily activities just knowing that we will get that paycheque at the end of the week. We need to be doing the same thing in our network marketing profession.  Focussing on the daily activities and having the belief that it will pay off in the end.  The hard part is – we were not programmed this way, most people are programmed to trade time for dollars.  

For me, I knew that embarking on this journey was going to be a marathon not a race. I knew that I had to treat this business like a business and treat it with the same respect that any other entrepreneur, business owner or franchise owner treats their business.  I knew I had to focus on the activities and that the results would come. I needed to learn the skills that I didn’t yet possess.  In order to run a business I must give of my time and give of my resources.  

My family and especially my kids have watched me over the last few years and one thing that completely caught me off guard were the side effects that this business has had on them. I have noticed that because they have grown up in an entrepreneurial household they have a keen sense of independence, curiosity and work ethic. They have seen firsthand that hard work and commitment pays off. They have learned to except people for who they are.  Their vision has expanded far beyond the classroom simply by being exposed to great minds and incredible mentors. They are learning that in order to BECOME more you must BE more. This caption picture gives me great pride as it was the first time I stood on stage in front of thousands of people accepting an award where my husband and two kids sat in the audience beaming with pride for their mother.  I am blessed.
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