Birthdays, anniversaries, milestones and old fashioned good will; there are many reasons why we want to send out cards to our friends, family, business partners and customers. Not only is it more personal than an online message, but it also provides something physical – and inherently more intimate.

With SendOutCards, and Melissa Barlock steering the ship, you can be sure of finding a package that suits your requirements. If you’re looking for a send out card service in Canada that can accommodate the number and frequency of cards you need to send, then SendOutCards is the perfect solution for you.

Here’s how the Business Bundle send out card service in Canada can help you both retain existing clients and acquire new ones:

  • Show your customers loyalty: We all want to feel valued and as a customer – it’s intrinsically important. Receiving a card designed by you is more likely to make them want to stay as a customer in the future.
  • Customised signatures and fonts: Every card you create can be completely unique and fresh with the combination of four signatures and a vast array of fonts to choose from.
  • Your very own brand manager: Add fully customizable branding to the back of your cards, which are unique as your business. It’s a great addition to your bundle.

To discover more about SendOutCards in Canada and the importance of it, speak to our team today.