Birthdays and special anniversaries are always creeping up when you least expect them. Jotted on your calendar for months, only to realize it’s too late to send a card. That’s why Melissa Barlock uses SendOutCards, so she can be reminded when she needs to send customers greeting cards throughout Canada and anywhere in the world.

Throughout her time building her business at Send Out Cards, Melissa Barlock has won numerous awards for her dedication and passion. She’s the 2015 and 2016 runner-up and winner of Distributor of the Year respectively, as well as features in magazines such as; Networking Times Magazine and SOCStars Magazine.

The SendOutCards service is a great way to ensure your customers feel wanted. When you’re in a rush, or on the move, you can create and send a card straight from your phone. Using SendOutCards you will be alerted when a birthday, event or anniversary is upcoming so you’re ready to act.

You can then get your cards organized with personalized messages and bespoke pictures among a whole plethora of options. Create charming designs instantly and earn kudos for remembering the important dates by your clients, friends & loved ones.

To start using SendOutCards, choose the package that suits you and your business needs. To discover more, get in contact with Melissa Barlock today.