Putting your gratuity into words can be difficult, especially if you’re leaving somewhere or live a long way away. Luckily, with our ‘thank you’ card service in Mississauga at SendOutCards you can create bespoke cards to send to those close to you.

You can turn a standard card into a personalised work of art for whomever you’re sending it to. You decide on the photos, the font and the words to fully express yourself. Everything you need to create a memorable card is right at your fingertips & 1 click away.

With our online application at SendOutCards, you can effortlessly create a totally unique card fit for the thanks you need to give. Simply choose the front cover that you think suits the mood of the card, and you will be able to edit that card in just a few clicks:

  • Select the template. This will give you a guide to where you’re going to put the writing inside the card.
  • Sift through hundreds of stickers, borders, backgrounds and notes to add onto the card.
  • Write your personalised message inside and let us take care of the rest. Tell us where you want to send it and we’ll get it there for you.

Discover more about our card service across Canada and USA by contacting us today.