With a contact list longer than your arm, birthdays, anniversaries and weddings to send cards for, it’s difficult to keep up with it all. SendOutCards by Melissa Barlock can provide you with a professional ‘thank you’ card service in Oakville, Ontario.

Showing your appreciation for someone is becoming increasingly detached with social media, but with Melissa Barlock’s SendOutCards you can display your gratuity through completely personalized cards sent directly to your contacts.

Here’s why you should choose Melissa Barlock’s SendOutCards if you’re an individual:

  • Your own manager: When you join the ‘Personal Bundle’ at SendOutCards, you will get your own Custom Brand Manager. Here you can personalize your card, add your own logos and customize to the rear of the card.
  • Digital signatures: The ‘Personal Bundle’ will give you the opportunity to digitalize up to four signatures. These will be added to the cards to create a truly personal touch to the cards that you send.
  • Cloud storage: With this package, you’ll have space for all your designs and ideas. 250 saved cards, 1500 contacts, 500 photos and an unlimited card history all in 1 dashboard.
  • Bonus points: You’ll receive 100 bonus points as soon as you join the service so you can start sending your cards right away!

To find out more about Melissa Barlock’s SendOutCards, get in contact today.