The way you network is incredibly important in this technological age. The loss of physical contact has made more personal touch-points even more special. Melissa Barlock, an independent distributor with Send Out Cards, can help you bridge this gap with customer greeting cards in Canada.

Your customers, or prospective customers, have birthdays and special occasions like the rest of us. If you have these dates jotted down in your calendar, you can use the Send Out Cards campaign function to send them a card automatically for their milestone.

This will allow you to plan and send a card for any situation. Whether you want to say ‘thank you’, ‘congratulations’, ‘happy birthday’ or simply ‘goodbye’, the range of options available to you at Send Out Cards means you’ll be able to create something totally unique every time.

It combines the personality and thoughtfulness of a handmade card with the ease and hassle-free nature of technology. To get started, all you need to do is sign up for one of the packages and get cracking with your first design. When you sign up you’ll receive 100 bonus points so you can start sending cards right away.

You can either use your laptop or your smartphone to design something special for your customers and make your networking easier than ever.

To find out why Melissa Barlock’s burgeoning business ‘Send Out Cards’ is the ideal solution for you, get in contact with her today.