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Your home is your most valuable asset…and each home and basement is different. Your foundation may be fieldstone, cement, concrete block or poured cement walls. All experts agree that the most common water entry points are over the foundation, through the footings, and down the walls resulting in basement leaks, moldy basement, and flooding problems. If any of these sound familiar…you may require any of the following:


rownseal Inc. is a family owned and operated business, successfully serving clients in Southern Ontario for over 20 years. 100% of operation is foundation waterproofing & repairs. We are specialists and offer several different solutions to meet your needs. We employ TOP OF THE LINE PRODUCTS, and will give you the best case solution…every time!

Offering both interior and exterior waterproofing options, our customer base is extensive and consists of residential, contractors, real estate, insurance, home inspectors, property management, government shelters & youth centres, home service clubs.

All work is backed by a 25 year warranty on exterior and 15 years on interior.

Outside Excavation and Waterproofing

This process involves excavating and sealing from outside. These are more traditional methods of waterproofing. The walls are sealed with a combination of heavy duty (trowel on) tar, and asphalt membranes. Delta membrane or high density Styrofoam (SM) is used to insulate the sealing products.

Polyurethane Crack Injection

The best solution for most cracks on poured concrete foundations,is injecting expanding polyurethane into the crack from the inside. It penetrates into hairline cracks and contact with water makes it forcefully expand up to 20 times its volume to completely fill even wide cracks (up to 1/2″). [...]

Window Well Installation

Window wells are needed when the level of the dirt outside becomes too close to the bottom of your basement window. A window well provides drainage and allows the earth to be graded away from the house. We also offer custom built wood or concrete window wells.

Sump Pump Installation

Removal of pavement and concrete is sometimes necessary during outside excavation waterproofing. Additionally we provide pavement and concrete removal services. Please contact us for our hourly rate.

Inside Drainage System

This method of waterproofing is used for both block and poured concrete foundations. A non-digging technique that involves the installation of drain pipes under the floor. The leaking water is directed into these drain pipes. Delta membranes are fitted against the wall for added protection.

Custom Window Well Covers

Our custom built window well covers provide added protection against water damage in your basement. They are removable in case of emergency.

Rod Hole Repair

Rod Holes are built into every basement as part of the foundation, sometimes the hole is not properly closed and can cause leaks. In order to fix this issue these are holes through poured concrete walls are normally filled with cork or cement.

Brick and Block Repair

Brick and block can be damaged underground (often close to ground level) due to excessive moisture. We waterproof the damaged areas with protective coatings. This helps to restore the brick or block to its original condition.

Pipe and Conduit Repair

Pipes or conduits that run through a basement wall underground may leak over time. Contact Crownseal today to resolve this issue before its too late!


Removal of pavement and concrete is sometimes necessary during outside excavation waterproofing. Additionally we provide pavement and concrete removal services. Please contact us for our hourly rate.

Custom Downspout Extensions

Installing drain pipes underground to a point away from the house is essential to maintaining a properly drained terrain. Professionally built and guaranteed for 15 years.

Weeping Tile Installation and Replacement

These are 4” perforated drains that surround the outside perimeter of a basement. They help to drain outside water below your floor. Over time, these tiles fill with dirt and eventually stop working. Contact Crownseal today to get this issue resolved.

Look no further for professional waterproofing.